paintings by ralph fenn

Ralph Fenn (1918-1994) was a second-generation American artist from Northeast Minneapolis. He was also my paternal grandfather. He worked for General Mills where started by sweeping floors as a teenager, then worked his way up and was a plant manager in Buffalo, NY and later Toledo, OH. In his later years, he moved to Northern Minnesota and opened a tiny cafe that he ran with my grandma, Marge. He golfed, bird-watched, and painted in his spare time.

These are the pieces I acquired from my father, before and after his passing. The sea scape had been my favorite as a child and today it reminds me of coastal Maine, or even the North Shore.


I don’t know where this mountain winter scene was taken from, but I love the colors so much! It was done on paper which has now discolored a bit.


This last piece was never finished, but I love it so. It reminds me of my road trip through Wyoming.


It’s always been said that any artistic talent that I have is from him. I proudly display these paintings throughout my home as a reminder of his talent, and because I am comforted by the relics of my ancestors.


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