homesteading in january

Our two chickens, Baby Daisy and Nugget are still laying eggs daily since the sun is shining brightly on our Minnesota tundra. We’ve had such a mild winter this year, but are in the middle of a bitter cold snap of arctic air. When the temp dips below zero, I have just felt so sad that our poor chickies have to be outside that we have been bringing them in the house. They’re messy, they shit EVERYWHERE, but we just close off the basement and have a little setup down there for them with a little kennel to contain them. I feel sad they cannot be free, but it’s better than freezing to death, right?! Also, anyone want to make me a couple of chicken diapers?


My first homesteading project for January has been making preserved lemons. 1, It’s citrus season. 2, I love middle eastern food. 3, I wanted to try something totally different. All you need to make them in sterile water, a clean canning jar, salt, and organic Meyer lemons…

IMG_1992Just cut of the nubby ends, cut almost all the way down into quarters, dump salt all over them, squish them into a salty jar and add more salt… then fill will lemon juice and water. Here is the actual recipe.IMG_2010Since I was feeling pretty ambitious at this point and hadn’t made a big mess or taken up hours of my day with this simple project, I decided to do one more project…


I got this amazing crock as a wedding gift and hadn’t used it yet. I also purchased 3 pounds of organic green cabbage from my co-op.IMG_2008The recipe I followed was super simple, as I didn’t use any starter or whey. I had to make extra bring since my cabbage was hand-chopped and drier than one picked fresh from the garden. If I have success with this batch I will get more creative in the future. I hope to grow my own cabbages this Summer.

Here is what my saucerkraut looks like after a few days. The bubbles make me think it’s working. We’ll see…IMG_2094


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