Celestia Aromatherapy

So, I’m starting an aromatherapy business. I’m making organic essential oil blends as well as room mist//body sprays and bath salts! My first series, Elements, includes 4 oil blends to represent Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Below are the prototypes for the room mist//body sprays.


I’ll post more once I get my website and more products to show! Thanks for checking it out!


Sacred Space

Here is a logo I recently designed for my homegirl Cait’s new Meditation venture: Sacred Space. Along with being an amazing yogi at CTG Yoga, Cait is committed to sharing good vibes and helping people find their happy place.



Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 1.26.23 PM


I just signed up for her Sacred Space Summit as a way to intentionally and officially begin my own meditation practice. As part of the 10-day series, I received this sweet little starter kit. What a joy to have this bundle arrive at my door!



the multi–faceted lady

I am full moon.

Mother. Intuitive. A creator of




[What other reasons are there to keep living?]

Female energy // the divine feminine.

Constantly surrounding myself in sisterhood– or trying to.

Connecting with others.

Making a home.

Providing comfort.

Expressing love for others.

Creating beautiful things.

Carving out time for self love.

I try curating these things that surround me. I try to control what little I can of the chaos. I do my best.

I have so much and I long for so much more.


My multi-faceted life is a balancing act.  I am so grateful to be experiencing it.